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Hard Water – The Options Available to You

1. Do Nothing

This is always the most expensive choice – heating water through just 6mm (¼”) of limescale will result in at least 37% wastage in fuel costs. Hard water limescale causes a great deal of damage to equipment such as washing machines, electric showers, steam irons, taps, dishwashers and immersion/water heaters. Early replacement and extra maintenance costs can easily be double, compared to a household treated by Scale Manager.

2. Salt Softener

Conventional water softeners are comparatively very expensive dependent on size are around £450.00 to £1,500.00, they are bulky items that take up a lot of space and require plumbing modifications to install. Maintenance and running costs also have to be taken into account, together with the expense of salt at around £85.00 per year. The water is not then suitable for drinking – a separate drinking water supply is necessary and the effluent water is environmentally unfriendly. A salt softener will not remove the existing scale.

3. Magnets, Catalytic & Ionisation Devices

These are only partially effective as they are not usually able to remove existing limescale, and generally not suitable for long term, whole house application.

4. Scale Manager

The World’s best electronic water descaler – treats all types of hard water in all areas, in homes both large and small. Scale Manager is the maintenance free solution to hard water problems. It clears existing limescale from your plumbing system and appliances, preventing further build-up without the need for chemicals, salts, alteration to plumbing or a separate drinking water supply.

The Scale Manager effect does not alter the chemical composition, but achieves all of the advantages of a limescale-free home.

The world’s best electronic water descaler – treats all types of hard water in all areas in homes both large and small.

Scale Manager pays for itself in weeks

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