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Here is a sample of Water Descaler & water softener reviews. If you would like to tell us how Scale Manager has worked for you, then please email us here.

quoteJust over a month ago you installed a scale manager to reduce the hard water scale problems that exist in our area, which is one of the hardest in the country. I believe 300 p.p.m

I was sceptical and unsure as to what the results might be, but I am pleased to advise you that we have experienced a number of improvements over the past weeks.

The volume of scale in the kettle and heating system and shower etc has apparently reduced, and my wife is finding a  substantial benefit in soap and washing powder, plus in addition showering is a pleasanter experience with substantially reduced shampoos etc.quote2

We are most impressed with the simplicity of its installation.

Yours sincerely.

Mr E  Dembleby, Lincolnshire

quoteMy brother Mr W of – Bourne purchased a Scale Manager and tells me he is very pleased with it.quote2

I am also interested, could you please send me a brochure and details of how I might order a unit.

Many thanks

Mr W – Bourne, Lincolnshire

quotequote2I am very pleased with the Scale Manager, which appears to be doing its job splendidly

Miss S – St Albans, Hertfordshire

quotequote2Following on from my telephone conversation with you, I am pleased to confirm that my Scale Manager is working properly.

Mrs D – South Croydon Surrey

quotesmile3I am writing to you for two reasons, the first is to inform you how pleased we are with the Waltham Scale Manager which I installed at the above address in February last year.

One of the previous troubles we had was the blocking of the showerhead, this does not happen any more and there are other signs that the unit is doing its job, particularly with the absence of “chalky” deposits at various places.

My second reason for writing is to ask you if you would be good enough to send a copy of your brochure etc to my brother, he has decided it is time that he joined the “anti-lime-scale” brigade!quote2

Yours truly

Mr H – St Albans, Hertfordshire

quoteI have been using a Scale Manager for almost a year and find it very satisfactory.quote2

I have a friend interested, could you send an explanatory leaflet.

Yours Faithfully

Mr T – Diss, Norfolk

quoteWe had our Scale Manager – Fitted by you since early March (This year) and are very pleased with the water Quality etc.

Could you please send full details to Mr & Mrs W, Huntingdon, Cambridge.quote2

As they and their neighbours suffer from Hard Water & all its horrible effects.

Thank you


Mr W – Hitchin, Hertfordshire

quoteWe are delighted with the Scale Manager unit – no scale at all on our various water outlets. it is particularly good for the washing machine and dishwasher element.quote2


Mr C – Houslow, Middlesex

quoteMy friend Mrs Mc who had told me how happy she was with hers and how good
it was at clearing lime scale gave me a leaflet on scale manager II. We fitted one in August and are delighted with the results.quote2

Thank you

Mrs S – Fareham – Hampshire

quoteWe fitted a Scale Manager last year and I have to write to you to say how happy we are with the results.

Having moved from Scotland six years ago the problems of hard water that we have experienced on the south coast have been quite uncomfortable, we didn’t have this at home.

The unit is working well and we are delighted with the results, it certainly has made a difference.

We have several friends that are interested, could you send us a number of leaflets and we will give them to them.quote2


Mrs Mc – Southampton, Hampshire

quoteI had a Scale Manager fitted on the 16th April 1998, I would like to commend you on your service, the installer arrived on time, had a very pleasant manner and fitted the Scale Manager in my downstairs cloakroom in a very efficient manner, I had no mess and the least disruption.

I was rather sceptical about the product, but having had many difficulties in the past with water hardness, forever trying to remove Lime Scale deposits from Shower heads, Kettles, Sinks and baths, already there is a vast improvement.

Although only a small establishment these jibs took up a lot of time. I am very pleased and had to spare the time to write to you, from one very satisfied customerquote2

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Howard – B & B Radlett, Hertfordshire

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