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Scale Manager

The WORLD’S BEST electronic water descaler providing complete limescale prevention

Scale Manager is the ultimate water descaler providing maintenance free hard water solutions and limescale prevention; Scale Manager will remove all existing limescale without the need for chemicals, salts, alteration to plumbing or a separate drinking water supply and provide limescale prevention for the future. The Scale Manager effect does not alter the chemical composition, but achieves all of the advantages of a limescale free home.

To see how the Scale Manager can benefit you above and beyond anything else on the market please see our features and benefits to give you peace of mind and additional information to make your decision


There are two technologies employed in Scale Manager’s output – Radio Frequency and Direct Inductive Coupling. The very powerful PIC 16 microprocessor delivers an unparalleled 13000 varying low frequency magnetic pulses per second. It is this action that neutralises the calcium carbonate particles ability to adhere and form limescale. As the treated water flows through your plumbing system Scale Manager will reverse the limescale forming process, disintegrating the build-up already present and offer future limescale prevention.

Easy Installation

Scale Manager is designed to be a DIY mail order product – specialist knowledge is not required, it is straight forward to install. Should you encounter any problems do make contact, as we can usually  resolve any issues, should we not be able to, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Special Online Price

At present we are offering a 10% online discount together with free worldwide shipping. Instead of costing £249 + £3.50 pp you can save £28.50 with our online discount – £224.00 including VAT and delivery.  Scale Manager is designed for all domestic locations.

Value For Money

Scale Manager represents excellent value for money, for a one off payment of £224 when purchased online you have a product that will cure all your hard water problems and will also start saving you money the moment it’s installed.

Scale Manager pays for itself usually within the first year.

  • The world’s best water descaler that offers limescale removal and limescale prevention
  • Pays for itself in around a year and continues to save you money.
  • Guaranteed for life, you only buy one (can be refitted should you move).
  • No risk money back guarantee.
  • Helps our environment.

Truly a great investment.

Don’t waste your money!

The poor investment is to spend from £39 upwards for products that do not work – 100s have come and of cause gone, don’t waste your money!

And finally…

Scale Manager has stood the test of time; our design was completed in 1995 and we have been manufacturing with increased success since. Our guarantees are unsurpassed with our life time product cover and our money back operational guarantee.

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