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These days most of us try to conserve energy, reduce waste and thus our carbon footprint, if we can also save money at the same time so much the better! With Scale Manager installed you will achieve both – as you will see from the graph, limescale build-up can increase your water heating costs dramatically – heating water through just 6mm (¼”) of limescale means your water heating costs may be reduced by 37% with Scale Manager installed. With fuel prices set to keep on rising Scale Manager is a sound investment that can pay for itself in a few months.

The graph below shows how limescale build-up can increase your water heating costs and through increased use of energy your carbon footprint also increases.

Energy consumption figures supplied by East Midlands Electricity 1995



A conservative efficiency loss is shown above. Different minerals have varying insulation properties. The loss can be even higher up to 8% per millimetre.

What you can save with Scale Manager

Heating your water through limescale build-up translates into lower heat transfer. The result is the water will take longer to heat, using more energy and costing dearly.

Coupled with the notable savings because of reduced usage in soaps, detergents and cleaning materials – also with fewer purchases and repairs of appliances, Scale Manager not only pays for itself, it helps environmentally.

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