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How Scale Manager Works

There are two technologies employed to produce the magnetic charge that Scale Manager delivers so effectively – Radio Frequency (RF) and Direct Inductive Coupling (DIC).  The two systems are modulated onto independent antennas, allowing greater fitting versatility and increased outputs, in excess of two ordinary water descalers or conditioners.

Most water conditioners have a square-wave output and change frequency very slowly in steps (not covering all frequencies known to treat scale).  Scale Manager’s outputs are digitally produced sine-wave, ensuring greater frequency coverage. Many brands of water conditioners translate their output of their products in terms of pulses, Scale Manager delivers an unparalleled 13000 magnetic pulses per second, covering all the known frequency’s to reduce limescale.  It is this action that neutralises the calcium carbonate’s ability to adhere. Both RF and DIC systems are produced via the very powerful PIC 16 microprocessor that has a proven accuracy and reliability record.

As the treated water flows through your plumbing system it will reverse the limescale forming process and disintegrate the build-up already present, the process starts immediately Scale Manager is installed.  It may take several months to eradicate limescale where heavy deposits are to be found. However, the beneficial effects will be observed usually within 6 -10 days (rarely properties have taken up to 2 months).

Scale Manager is a belt and braces product.  Designed and manufactured in the UK by Waltham Electronics up to the highest of standards, not down to a price.  Our unique no quibble replacement guarantee is for life.

Others may well have attempted to follow where Waltham Electronics has led, but Scale Manager has set the benchmark for all descalers, water conditioners and water softeners to strive towards.

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