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Hard Water Treatment

Hard Water Treatment

Hard water in simple terms is caused by rainwater passing through chalk, limestone or marble where it collects deposits of mineral salts. The principal salt contributing to hard water is calcium bicarbonate (CaHCo3).

The calcium bicarbonate is in solution form, but precipitates out into insoluble, infinitesimally small particles – these calcium carbonate particles (CaCo3) are attracted to each other and adhere to the wall of pipes etc, creating limescale deposits. To get a mental picture of this process, simply bring to mind the limescale stalagmites and stalactites. They have taken 1000s of years to evolve – it is hard to comprehend these wonders of nature have developed from invisible particles!

Calcium carbonate accounts for in excess 90% and up to 98% of all limescale.

The higher the temperature, the more limescale will form. Therefore limescale build-up will be greater in hot water systems.

The UK has many hard water areas meaning hard water problems are a genuine concern for millions of people.

Scale Manager provides hard water treatment which will totally eradicate limescale from your plumbing and appliances.

Hard water in the UK

hard water descaler

Use the hard water map to help you identify hard water areas in the UK. Eastern and Southern England are identified as particular hotspots for hard to very hard water, closely followed by Central England.

As consumer awareness of the perils of limescale grows, an increasing number of households are exploring the benefits of installing a water descaler. In addition to scale-free appliances, softer skin and laundry and possible improvements in dry skin conditions such as eczema.

Make the change in your home and use Scale Manager to provide a permanent answer to hard water treatment, you’ll be delighted you did!


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