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The following are examples of the typical questions regarding the Scale Manager.

How do I know it’s working?

Clean an area where limescale is visible, if it ever reappears the system isn’t working.

How long will it take for the limescale to disappear?

It can take several months – dependent on the amount of limescale build up, but improvements will be noticed almost immediately – see when you can see the results.

My showerhead and taps have to be cleaned on a regular basis, can you cure the problem?

Yes – with Scale Manager installed you will never need to clean scale from your showerhead again. It will be scale free.

Does Scale Manager affect my drinking water?

No – The Scale Manager effect does not alter the taste or chemical composition and therefore retains the health benefits of drinking hard water.

I have a Combination Boiler. Will Scale Manager be compatible?

Combination Boilers are particularly susceptible to limescale. Scale Manager would certainly be compatible and would enhance the performance considerably.

If I have a Scale Manager installed, will my washing machine and other appliances last longer?

Yes – Limescale is the major cause of breakdowns and the premature need for replacement.

My Boiler appears slow in heating the water and does not get as hot as it used to. Will Scale Manager assist?

Yes – your boiler works harder than it should, heating the water through limescale. When Scale Manager has removed the scale your boiler will improve its performance.

I am going away on holiday, is it safe to be left switched on?


When I return, do I need to do anything?

Just check the LEDs are cycling correctly.

My water runs slowly, could Scale Manager assist?

Limescale can restrict the flow of water particularly in older properties, as the pipes become clogged with limescale – Yes Scale Manager over a period of time will clear the restrictions.

I can never get a good lather when washing my hair or clothes. Will Scale Manager assist?

Yes lather will improve.

Will the limescale will remain in my water?

The limescale is eroded away as the treated water flows through your plumbing system.

How soon will Scale Manager start removing the limescale?

As soon as it is installed. The effects are usually noticed within 2 weeks – see when you see the results.

Will Scale Manager improve the taste of water?

No – There is no scientific reason why it should, however we have customers that insist they detect an improvement.

How long will it take for the limescale to disappear?

It can take several months – dependent on the amount of limescale build up, but improvements will be noticed almost immediately – see when you can see the results.

My clothes are not as soft since I moved to a hard water area.

This is because scale blocks the fibres of your clothes. With Scale Manager the fibres will become scale free and softer.

Why is hard water better for my health?

It is now medically accepted that hard water reduces the risk of heart disease. Calcium is also beneficial for healthy bones and teeth, particularly in growing children.

I suffer with dry skin and eczema, will Scale Manager help?

Yes usually – because the calcium carbonate is broken down, the chalky deposit that used to be left on your skin after showering/washing is drastically reduced.

Will Scale Manager show dramatic results in keeping my kettle and steam iron scale free?

When treated water reaches a temperature around 92°C it starts to revert back to its preconditioned form, therefore complete eradication of limescale may not occur, but the problem will be much improved by 60 – 80%. To minimise limescale in your kettle, pour away-unused water after boiling.

How much does Scale Manager cost to run?

Approximately £3.50 per annum.

What are the green lights?

Each of the 10 segments represents 650 magnetic pulses (13000 per second from both outputs).

Why do the green lights constantly cycle?

To indicate descaling is progressing correctly.

I may move at some stage, is it possible I could take my Scale Manager with me?

Yes – Scale Manager is easily moved and refitted.

What is the voltage for Scale Manager?

12 volts, to ensure safety.

I have 2 water inlets, will I need 2 units?

Not necessarily as Scale Manager has 2 antenna coils. It is dependent on how close the two inlets are.

I live in a large house. Will Scale Manager cope?

Yes – Scale Manager is designed to give excellent service in both large and small homes.

What does a flashing red light indicate?

The unit is going through a self-diagnostic routine when the unit is switched on.

If I buy Scale Manager, what maintenance will it require?

None – just check from time to time the lights are cycling correctly.

I think my pipes are plastic and covered in paint, will this be a problem?

No, the magnetic pulses will not be affected whatever the pipes are made of.

Is Scale Manager noisy when operating?

No, nor is there any vibration.

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