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People living in hard water areas are familiar with limescale problems, they include reduced the life of appliances, such as: electric showers, kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, boilers etc., increased maintenance and replacement costs need to also be taken into account. Research has shown that renewals and repairs on these appliances can cost the consumer double in a hard water region, when compared to that of a soft water or hard water treated by Scale Manager water conditioner

Heating your water through limescale, translates into lower heat transfer. The result is the water will take longer to heat using more power/expense that keep rising as the scale increases, costing dearly both in terms of your pocket and the environment. See how you can save money with Scale Manager limescale remover.

Regardless of whether your pipe work is plastic, lead, copper or steel it has a greater potential than that of water and thereby attracts the limescale forming minerals in what is referred to as seeding.

Combination boilers are particularly susceptible to limescale. It causes poor hot water flow and noise/kettling within the boiler.

Limescale prevention

Limescale prevention will be achieved for good, through the use of Scale Manager which totally eradicates limescale from your plumbing and appliances. For new homes if Scale Manager is installed you will never face limescale problems, achieving continued limescale prevention for good. Invest in the best inhibitor and benefit from, not only the health effects but also prolong the life span of your appliances and amenities plus reducing the need for cleaning!


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