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When will I see the results?

We cannot to state exactly when and in which order the benefits will occur because there are many
variables – these include:

  • How long the plumbing system has been installed
  • Degree of water hardness
  • Chemical composition and conductivity of water
  • Amount of limescale build-up
  • Quantity of stored water
  • Water consumption

In general the following effects will be observed:

1- 4 Weeksdeter

  • Softened water will make surfaces easier to clean
  • When clear of scale, shower heads, taps etc., will stay limescale free
  • Less washing powder and detergent is needed for washing machines
  • Dishwashers need less salt, if any
  • Hair and skin feel softer and healthier
  • Less shampoo, conditioners and cleaning products

4 Weeks +shower

  • Limescale that has formed will start to soften, can be easily removed and will not reappear
  • Improved water flow where limescale has significantly formed
  • Clothes will feel softer after washing
  • Improvement in skin conditions such as dry skin
  • Less streaks on cars after washing

Long Termhands-towel

  • Water appliances become more efficient and increase in life span.
  • Softer on hair and skin
  • Lowers bills through saving energy and reducing the amount of cleaning product needed
  • No more limescale ever
  • Protecting our environment
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