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About Us

Waltham Electronics is a company operating at the cutting edge, combining advanced electronic technologies with one of the most basic primordial forces – Magnetism.

Magnetism has long been known and proven to affect all our lives both on a macrocosmic and personal level. By harnessing this force through the medium of the extremely powerful PIC Microprocessor, it is possible to convert this vast but ambient force to perform specific tasks, in particular, the treatment of hard water – to eradicate the formation of calcium carbonate limescale within industrial and domestic environments.

Waltham Electronics has already proven thousands of times over that its exclusive system is streets ahead of any rival companies. This is fact, not speculation.

Many companies claim to be ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care’ and some may well be. For Waltham this phrase is so much more than a vague catch line on the side of a van; it is the very bedrock of the business’s philosophy. We have all the technical expertise to not only have developed Scale Manager in the first place, but to bring new products to the market.

Scale Manager represents the culmination of years of research and development – finally coming to the market in 1995.

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