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Water Conditioner

Domestic Water Conditioner & Water Descaler

Scale Manager is the ultimate water conditioning unit for providing a maintenance free solution to limescale and hard water problems in your home

Many parts of the UK are affected by hard water problems, causing limescale build up and inefficiency in the home heating products such as boilers and kettles. Using a Scale Manager unit to condition your water will alleviate existing problems and prevent future problems.

We have helped our customers to feel the health, lifestyle and economic benefits which are

gained from using our easy to install electronic water conditioner.

  • No more tough cleaning

    Do you find yourself regularly scrubbing hard to remove limescale from taps, showers and baths? Take the hard work out of cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Feel the difference

    After only a matter of days you too can start to feel the amazing difference of conditioned water – kinder to skin, hair and even softer clothes.

  • Rewind the limescale build-up

    Scale Manager will get to work immediately to remove years worth of build-up and better yet, will stop it coming back for good.

  • Family & Environmentally Friendly

    Scale Manager does not rely on chemicals or salts to treat your water, providing an environmentally friendly solution for your family home.

When will I see the benefits of Scale Manager Conditioner?

Move through the timeline below to see how quickly you can start to feel the amazing benefits of using Scale Manager water softener in your home.

  • Surfaces in contact with conditioned water will be easier to clean.
  • Whilst under hard water treatment, shower heads, taps etc; will not become re-contaminated.
  • Washing machines will require less detergent and fabric softener.
  • Can help sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and dry skin
  • Limescale on taps, showers and baths will start to soften and can easily be removed.
  • Water flow may start to increase in circumstances where heavy deposits existed
  • Softer clothes as fibres become scale free
  • Streak free car cleaning
  • Extended Life of water appliances and reduced maintenance costs
  • Kinder to skin and hair, ideal for babies
  • Saves energy – lower water heating and cleaning products expense
  • Free of limescale problems for good with magnetic water conditioning
  • Helps protect our environment

It is not possible to state exactly when and in which order the benefits will occur because there are many variables, the above timescales are based on the average experiences of our customers in hard water areas.

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Simple and Quick Installation with Scale Manager

Our customers are simply amazed at how easily they can install the world's leading water conditioner into their homes.

Our maintenance free solution can be fitted quickly and easily, There is no need to hire a plumbing or electrical professional as the device simply fits around your current water piping system.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing Scale Manager couldn’t be easier. Each device comes with a complete set of easy to follow instructions to ensure that you can be feeling the benefits in next to no time.

No Noise or Vibration!

Scale Manager operates completely silently and efficiently with no noise or vibration. Once our water descaler is installed into your home you won't even notice it is there.

Perfect for your home

Scale Manager is specifically designed to work effectively in any domestic property, making it the leading choice for UK homes of any size.

Moving House? No Problem

If you are moving home don't worry. Scale manager is a completely portable device which s easily taken with you so can ensure you feel the benefits of conditioned water in your new home.

How much money will I save with Scale Manager?

Just one of the fantastic benefits that Scale Manager brings to our customers is year upon year savings...

Invest our quality water conditioner... It Pays

Waltham have been successfully producing the Scale Manager since 1995. By investing in the world’s leading water conditioner you will see both short and long term cost benefits that simply can't be matched.

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